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Interested in carrying Lina Lashes at your store?


Well we've got you covered!


As a retailer, you will qualify for big discounts




  • The buyer must be a valid and current retail business and must present a buyer's resale license.  The buyer is responsible for ensuring any wholesale purchases are tax exempt for resale.


  • RETURN POLICY: As our policy, all wholesale sales are final.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the merchandise upon receipt and verify that it all matches it's order.  We reserve the right to accept or decline any returns due to defects or damages.  Any requests must be received within 7 days of the time the shipment was received.  We must provide a written authorization to the buyer for any accepted return of merchandise.  We will make every reasonable effort to only pack and provide with merchandise which must meet our high quality standards.  We are not responsible for any damages which may incur during transit.    y6

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  • Seller will make every commercially reasonable effort to pack only first quality merchandise with carrier approved packing materials. Seller is not responsible for damage in transit. Seller does not insure packages with the carrier. If Buyer would like to insure Buyer's package(s), contact BH Cosmetics at the time Buyer places the order. If Buyer's shipment is damaged in transit, Buyer agrees to contact the carrier and BH Cosmetics within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery. Buyer also agrees to save all packaging materials and product. Buyer further agrees not to cancel or contest payment or deduct from any invoice any amount due to BH Cosmetics as a result of a damage claim. The carrier will conduct an investigation for the damage claim and they and/or BH Cosmetics will contact Buyer once the investigation is concluded to resolve the issue.


  • PAYMENT TERMS: We require the full balance of order and shipping charges before items are shipped.


  • SHIPPING COST: The shipping is determined by the size and weight of the package.  We will provide with the most economical shipment options.  


  • PLACING ORDER: All orders are made via email or using the buyer's company formal order form.  Orders require a signed invoice and/or purchase agreement contract.









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